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January 2017 

It’s taken some time but I’ve finally got my website running. I’d like to post my favorites from my January bullet journal spreads.

January was a month of learning for me. I never worked too far ahead because my needs kept changing. ​

I started by practicing some lettering in a separate notebook and then moved on to using my actual journal, Leuchtturm 1917.

I ended up adding some accents to my January monthly spread as the month went by and decided to try the Dutch version of a weekly spread after copying everything at the top every Sunday became too much. You’ll see a little poop picture and to be honest that is how I keep track of my little One’s movements. He just started solids and as it turns out, going number two is a very big deal. This wasn’t on my first weekly spread-just one example of how I have changed and learned from the previous spread-Dutch design aside.

While most of my pages are inspired by the work and creativity of others (thank you Pinterest), I like to put my own spin on things and even make my own pages.

I tried my best to complete he January doodle challenge and as you’ll see on my Instagram-this really has been a busy month. I got about half way and had to stop. I’m hoping February allows me a few minutes to finish it.


A few spreads that are actually created 100% by yours truly are the baby milestones and tooth record. We started really getting into teething this month so as a bujo mom, I had to make a spread.




I felt that had to include a January memories spread and throughout the month I started to worry that it would go blank. How would I plan this? I started by just penciling in little hand written memories and dates and decided to worry about it later-again, super busy crazy month. Well on the 30th my son was diagnosed with RSV, this has forced me to slow down a little. With all of the stress, I decided to sit down and finish my memories page. And I did! I just love how this turned out. Now, when I look back, I can see the good and bad moments of this month. At first I wasn’t sure if this was even a good page to have but now I’m positive.

Having a bullet journal has really helped ground me. I decided to make a tree of life type of page where every day I take a moment to be thankful and color in a leaf. I was unsure if I should go by weather patterns, how I’m feeling about my day, or if the colors should have any other kind of meaning. I decided to just go at random and pick whichever color I wanted on that given day-to sort of resemble the organized chaos in my life.

I still have yet to complete my book-case of books to read this year and I’m pretty embarrassed about it. I used to be a major bookworm and now I feel like I’m rarely reading anything. I’d love for that to change so I added this book spread… and empty it sits! If you have any suggestions, please share! It’s nice to escape into a book sometimes.

Below are some other spreads I am using (and larger pictures of the above spreads). I hope to inspire others with these spreads and hope you enjoy them at much as I am!

Here I am putting all of the goofy and witty things my boys say. I hope to look back and laugh over the years.
A little savings page I’ve made. I’ll be just doing three items at a time until those are saved for. Each square = $100 saved.